It is never easy to talk about own art - to verbalize what you express on canvas. But sometimes it looks to be absolutely important to be done just for oneself to bring better understanding of one’s – the artist’s - ideas (inner world).

The concept of my work has been influenced by romanticism and sensuality of El Greco and Vrubel’s symbolism, experienced through postulates of the Fatherland memory, and a thirst to escape from the unambiguity of the visible. The heritage I have got from my teachers has been emphasized by mysterious halftones of St.Petersburg patterns which added to my work deep emotions and nuances of comparison.

Here are main ideas more or less describing the philosophy of my work:

- There’s not a detail unnecessary in a painting, they all are part of internal intrigue.

- Ambiguity of images and the story itself is a way to thinking (reflection).

- Palette of colors does not carry esthetics of forms but expresses feelings.

An ideal painting for me is the one what carries symbol and contemplation, passion and sincerity at the same time and in one and the same canvas.